India’s Old Age Population to Cross US’s Total Population by 2050

India is all set to be the most populous country in the world and the government is doing little to avert this population crisis. India’s elderly population will be well over 340 million by 2050 as per the Minister of State for Health. The minister stated on Friday that the government is doing enough to provide proper facilities to the booming elderly population. But the minister did not talk about governments plans to tackle the population explosion. 

The Minister of State for Health, Anupriya Patel said that the National Program for Healthcare of Elderly is the government’s key initiative to provide dedicated services to the ageing population of India. She further explained that the program is aimed at extending affordable, high quality and accessible care services to India’s elderly population.

The minister on Friday also informed the Parliament that two dedicated centres for health care facilities to the elderly will soon be set up. These centres will be set up in AIIMS, New Delhi and Madras Medical College.

As of now, China is the most populated nation of the world followed by India, the US, Indonesia and Brazil. India is expected to take over China’s number spot on the list of the most populated nations by 2026.

The population explosion will only add to India’s troubles as providing proportional education, health and other services to such a massive population will be a humongous challenge to address. Providing jobs to such a large population will also be a great challenge to conquer.

India fails to address the problem of population explosion in its policy-making and this might turn out to be a blunder. Many problems in India are already sourced out of a population crisis and it is only getting bigger with time. India must take stern measures before it is too late to have any control over the situation.

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