Elections In Pakistan 100% Rigged By the Army To Favor Imran Khan?

General Elections in Pakistan saw cricketer turned politician Imran Khan emerge as the biggest political force. As soon as the results declared Imran Khan’s PTI as the single largest party, opposition parties cried foul and called the results rigged. In a sensational revelation, a senior officer of the Election Commission of Pakistan stated on Thursday that two presiding officers were abducted by masked men on the election day. 

The abduction led to the polling station results of these two officers not being added in the final results of the PB-41 constituency which falls in Balochistan. As reported by The Hindu a presiding officer of the ECP claimed that he was abducted by the security forces and was forced to furnish fabricated results.

The Election Commission of Pakistan thereafter uploaded the letter written by the presiding officer on its website. This letter was stamped and verified by a returning officer from the PB-41 constituency of the Balochistan province.

The issue was taken up by the Election Commission of Pakistan after, the losing candidate of Baluchistan’s Awami Party drew attention to a discrepancy. He approached the ECP claiming that the results of polling station 44 and 45 did not add up in the final count of the PB-41 constituency.

Earlier a High Court Judge in Pakistan made claims about the interference of the Pakistan army in Pakistan’s judiciary. He claimed that the judged were being pressurised to give judgements favouring the army. He also claimed that the Army had pressurised the judge to keep Nawaz Sharif in jail.

Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan was convicted in a corruption case along with his daughter and son in law. Clearly, these claims one after the other jeopardises the faith in Pakistan’s democracy.

Imran Khan has been alleged of being a dummy to the Pakistan forces and the ISI. Were the elections rigged by the Pakistan army to favour Imran Khan?

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