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Monthly Archives: June, 2020

US, Japan, India, Australia & ASEAN To Join Hands To Counter A ‘Belligerent’ China

Japan has laid out plans to strengthen collaboration with India, Australia and ASEAN nations while China continues to make headlines for its increasing hostile...

India Only Gained ‘Dead Soldiers’ In Conflict With Chinese PLA Troops

The June-15 Himalayan-conflict between Indian and Chinese (PLA) troops has garnered criticism from both the nuclear-armed countries. Recently, the editor of the Chinese state-run...

India-China conflict: India takes a step further to block Chinese products

The Indian government has tweaked the rules to promote the Make in India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India) campaign, which is going to add...

China Encroaching Nepal Land; Could Set Up ‘Border Posts’ In Seized Territories

Nepal’s agriculture department document said that patches of Nepalese territory in several districts had already been encroached by China and warned that Beijing could take over more territory in the north if the rivers continue to change course.

Chinese J-20 Stealth Jets Decades Ahead Of Any Indian Aircraft Including Rafale Jets

Chinese experts have claimed that Indian, Russian, French and US-origin weapons are no match against Chinese weapons especially the J-20 stealth fighter jet which...

India or China: Who Will Russia Support In A Possible Clash Between India & China?

This visit of India Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to Russia is taking place at a time when India is engaged in a deadly conflict with China in the Ladakh region. 

Donald Trump Continues To Suspend H-1B Visa; Big Blow For Indian IT Workers

Trump suspends H-IB Visa; Says the step was essential to help millions of Americans who have lost their jobs due to the current economic crisis.

China On Its Side, Pakistan Going All Out To Woo Russia; Counter India-US Alliance

Pakistan Foreign Minister SM Qureshi in conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov expressed Islamabad's desire to have a long and multidimensional relationship with...

Chinese Media Accuses The US Of ‘Hoping To See A War’ Between China And India or Japan

The US has been inciting passions and hostilities in the Asia-Pacific region, aligning with its previous pivot to Asia-Pacific strategy and current Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Chinese Commanding Officer Was Also Killed In Border Clashes In Galwan Valley- Beijing Admits

China had previously admitted they had casualties but had not published the numbers. According to sources, this was the first time that Beijing admitted that a Chinese commanding officer was killed in border clashes.

Indian Startups Ditch Chinese Investors & Move Towards Japan As India-China Ties Worsens

It is hard to estimate whether Japan will be able to match China in terms of investment and risk appetite as 18 of India's 30 unicorns -- private companies with a valuation of at least $1 billion -- have a Chinese investor.

Big Blow To Taiwan, US, Australia As China Backed Party Wins Kiribati Elections

The elections in Kiribati are closely being monitored by the US and Australia since a victory for China means an increased stronghold in the Pacific Ocean, a region historically dominated by the US and Australia.

India-Russia Deal: India Urges Russia To Expedite Delivery Of S-400 Missiles, Other Weaponry

India-Russia ties are being tested again as Indian Defence Minister is expected to urge Russia to fasten the arms deal and the delivery of lethal S-400 missile defence systems.

China Unhappy Over New Indian ‘Engagement Rules’ Of Using Weapons On India-China Border

Although border skirmishes occasionally erupt between China and India, the soldiers of the two nations haven't opened fire on each other for decades. If Indian soldiers use weapons against Chinese counterparts, the scenarios will completely change in border areas.

China Praises Modi; Says PM Modi Has Taken The Right Steps To Diffuse India-China Tensions

Chinese experts have praised PM Modi and stated that he trying to counter the Indian hardliners and working hard to diffuse India-China border tensions

After India, China Could Now Target Japan Over ‘Disputed Islands’ In The East-China Sea

After a violent India-China border dispute, another dispute looks imminent between China and Japan in the East China Sea over the disputed islands. The territorial...

US-China War: Tensions Rises In China After US Deployed Three Aircraft Carriers In The South China Sea

Chinese state media says that tensions between the US and China are increasing and can even lead to a war if Washingon continues to...

Indian Army Also Captured Chinese Soldiers In Ladakh Despite Being Outnumbered?

After China released ten Indian soldiers recently, did the Indian Army also capture and later release Chinese soldiers post the Galwan valley clash? According...

Three More Kashmiri Militants Killed In Encounter With Indian Security Forces In Srinagar

Three Kashmiri militants were killed by Indian security forces in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital, officials said on Sunday. Vijay Kumar, inspector general of...

Indian Soldiers Can Now Use Weapons During Border Confrontation With Chinese Troops

Following the India-China border clash that left 20 Indian soldiers dead, there has been a massive change in 'Rules of Engagement' with China. The...

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