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UK Fears Losing Their Indian Ocean Military Base In Mauritius To China?

Why is the UK apprehensive about its strategic military base in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean? British MP Daniel Kawczynski has expressed concern over...

China’s Border Conflict Not Limited To India; Japan, ASEAN Also Facing Hostilities

India is not the only nation with which China shares a border conflict. The list of nations includes Taiwan, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.

The Bravery Of Bihar Regiment Soldiers At Galwan Valley Against China’s PLA Troops Goes Viral

Today when I am speaking to people of Bihar, I will say the valour was of Bihar Regiment, every Bihari is proud of it - PM Modi

US, France, Japan Condole Death Of 20 Indian Soldiers But Refrain From Criticizing China

20 Indian Army soldiers were killed by Chinese troops in the Galwan valley along highly contested India-China border. Many nations including the US, France,...

Galwan Valley Fight: Beijing Gives Step By Step Account Of India-China Border Clash At Galwan Valley

In the Galwan Valley border fight between troops of India and China, ET gets you the story from Chinese sides and what led to the clash

Amid Border Conflict With India; US Invites China To Arms Control Talks With Russia

Amid India-China border conflict, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy Marshall Billingslea will travel to Austria to discuss "mutually agreed topics related to the future of...

Donald Trump Slams China For Spreading Coronavirus and Incursions Into India

US President Donald Trump has cautioned that a “complete decoupling” from China remains a policy option for the United States after suggesting that China...

Five Reasons Why India-Nepal Border Dispute, Bilateral Ties Went From Bad To Worse?

India-Nepal border dispute has diplomatically isolated New Delhi in its own backyard. EurAsian Times gets you an analysis of why India-Nepal border dispute deteriorated...

China’s Attack On Indian Army In Ladakh – India Failed To Modernize, Stay Competitive – NYT

The attack by China's PLA troops led to the killing of 20 Indian soldiers. Many experts believe that this may further push India towards the US.

Indian Air Force Deploys Su-30 MKI, Apache Helicopters In Forward Bases In Ladakh

India deploys US-made Apache Helicopters in Ladakh region; will join SU-30 MKI jets.

India-China Standoff: Decrease Border Tensions Or Face Business Losses – China Warns India

China has warned India of repercussions in business and has threatened the possibility of being replaced by other Southeast Asian markets “if the boiling...

Trump Watching As US Extends ‘Deepest Condolences’ to India Over Death Of Soldiers

US President Donald Trump is cognizant of the border clash between the Indian and Chinese soldiers, the White House said on Wednesday, but stressed...

India-China Border Tensions Still High Over Mutilated Bodies Of Indian Soldier – Reports

Tensions between India and China are still apparently high as bodies of Indian Army soldiers were mutilated during the bitter border clash between the troops in the Galwan valley.

10 Indian Soldiers Released By China; ‘No Indian Troops’ Under Chinese Custody Now

10 Indian Soldiers Released By China; Bur Why did New Delhi Say 'No Indian Troops' In Chinese Custody?

45 Chinese Soldiers Killed In Galwan Valley – What Does Chinese Media & Netizens Say About The Casualties?

Indian media outlets have been claiming that around 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in clashes with Indian troops in the Galwan Valley. Chinese official...

India-China War: China Has No ‘Military Advantage’ Over ‘Battle-Hardened’ Indian Army – CNN

India-China War: "India is by far the more experienced and battle-hardened side, having fought a series of limited and low-intensity conflicts in its recent past. China, on the other hand, has not experienced the crucible of combat since its conflict with Vietnam in 1979.

NATO Targets China; Says ‘China Is On Our Radar More Than Ever Before’

US Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), told reporters at a virtual meeting that “China could be a peaceful partner, a...

Can India-China Conflict Along The LAC Pave Way For Official US-Indian Military Alliance?

India-China border conflict could calm down soon, but experts in China believe that the US might be tempted to further strengthen 'defence ties' with India to counter a rising China.

India-China Border Fight – Did Modi-Government Make The Same ‘Three Mistakes’ Like Nehru?

In deadly India-China border fight, there was a savagery clash between armies of China and India and New Delhi officially declared that 20 of...

How Many Chinese Soldiers Were Killed In The India-China Clash At Galwan Valley / Ladakh?

Government sources revealed that the Chinese side suffered “proportionate casualties” but it does not have a clear picture of the number of Chinese soldiers killed in the border clash at Galwan Valley / Ladakh

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