China Unhappy Over New Indian ‘Engagement Rules’ Of Using Weapons On India-China Border

Following the India-China border clash that left 20 Indian soldiers dead, there has been a change in ‘Rules of Engagement’ with China. The new rules will allow the commanders “complete freedom of action” stationed along the Line of Control (LAC) and China has expectedly lamented the move.

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Chinese state-run media says that If this report is true, the latest development precariously violates the agreement on confidence-building measures in the military field along the LAC in the China-India border areas.

Although border skirmishes occasionally erupt between China and India, the soldiers of the two nations haven’t opened fire on each other for decades. If Indian soldiers use weapons against Chinese counterparts, the scenarios will completely change in border areas.

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I must warn Indian nationalists: If your soldiers cannot even defeat PLA soldiers in unarmed conflicts, then guns and other weapons will not help. The reason: The military strength of China is much than that of India – Chinese experts warned.

Some Indians superciliously assume that the modernization of the Indian army will allow them to defeat China and take revenge for India’s defeat in the 1962 war.

I’d love to tell them that there was not much difference between China and India in terms of economic strength in 1962, but today, China’s GDP is about five times that of India and China’s defence budget is over three times that of India. If India escalates the border dispute with China, it would be like an egg dashing itself against a rock.

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China doesn’t want to intensify disputes with India, but we have adequate capability to smash any provocations from the Indian side, claims the expert.

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, the Indian army commanders will no longer be restrained by limitations on the use of weapons and will have full authority to respond to “extraordinary situations” using all resources at their disposal.

Indian PM Narendra Modi said the army had been given the freedom to take necessary steps along the border and India had conveyed its position (to China) through diplomatic means.

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With modifications in the engagement rules, there’s nothing that limits the capability of Indian commanders to take any action they consider essential on the LAC. The policy has been revised to address the evil strategies being used by Chinese troops,” an officer told HT.