India Only Gained ‘Dead Soldiers’ In Conflict With Chinese PLA Troops

The June-15 Himalayan-conflict between Indian and Chinese (PLA) troops has garnered criticism from both the nuclear-armed countries. Recently, the editor of the Chinese state-run Global Times (GT) has stated that “the Indian side had gained nothing from the latest clash except a large number of casualties.”

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On one hand, where Beijing has yet not officially declared the casualties on its side, New Delhi had announced about the death of 20 Indian soldiers in the violent clash.

The Chinese daily had previously accepted the casualties on the PLA side but did not specify any numbers. In another recent tweet – GT writes “At a time after the recent #China-India border clash,  #PLA soldiers, especially those who were injured, can’t be forgotten. They deserve our best wishes for them and the highest respect from 1.4b Chinese people.”

Experts stated that usually, the word is forgotten is used with the dead and not with injured. Critics have also wondered if the Chinese media replaced the word ‘were injured, can’t be forgotten’ with ‘were dead, can’t be forgotten.

Speculations of more than 40 Chinese PLA troops including a commander being dead post the face-off has been making rounds in the Indian media, according to sources.

However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry dismissed such claims as the ministry spokesperson said that “As for what you saw in the media, for example, some people alleged that casualties on the Chinese side amounted to 40, I can tell you for sure that this is fake news.”

EurAsian Times cannot independently verify the casualties on the Chinese side and as per experts the PLA certainly had casualties, however, by looking at the mayhem in India and rampant anti-China policies, it appears the Indian Army could have suffered more.

China’s View on India

Indian defence analysts believe that the Indian Army gave China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) a tough fight since China has not fought for more than 30 years.

However, the editor of the GT, a former Chinese soldier rather writes that “The PLA did not fight for the last 30 years because we love peace. Don’t mess with the PLA. That is our stern warning to those who want to take advantage of changes in the international situation to challenge China’s core interests.”

While India questions China on encroaching Indian Territory, China rather positions that India has encroached on Chinese lands. The GT editor wrote that “In this conflict triggered by the Indian side, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has dealt a heavy blow to India’s ambition of encroaching on China’s territory and demonstrated to the Indian side the iron will of the PLA in defending Chinese territorial integrity.”

It continued that “The PLA has taught a lesson to the Indian side, which has always misjudged Chinese people’s determination and advantages.”

The newspaper has yet again challenged India’s nationalism and said that “We hope that the Indian army will wake up and stop being tempted by the ultra-nationalist forces at home, and refrain from flaunting its muscles, lest its soldiers lose their lives and push the country into a serious strategic dilemma.”

As previously reported by EurAsian Times, “If the boiling nationalist sentiment continues unchecked in India, it may lead to serious consequences”