Key Saudi Airport Under Attack By Yemen Ballistic Missiles

Yemeni army on Thursday fired a ballistic missile on the Jizan Airport in Saudi Arabia on Thursday afternoon. Jizan Airport also known as the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Airport is a key strategic location in Saudi’s southwestern border region. The missile was fired in response to Saudi’s increasing attacks on Yemen.

As reported by PressTV, a domestically designed and developed missile was fired at the Jizan Airport which holds a great economic significance for Saudi Arabia. A source in the Yemeni military said that a short-range Badr-1 missile struck the airport with great precision. The incident was also reported by the al-Masirah television network.

This was just a day before the Yemeni forces hit the Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company in Riyadh. The national petroleum and the natural gas company was hit using a long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle called the invincible-2.

On Thursday fighter planes from Saudi conducted an air strike on a house in Sahar district of Yemen. In this air strike, 8 people were killed while 5 people sustained serious injuries. The casualties also included children and women.

The ministry of human rights in Yemen stated that Saudi led attacks have killed 60,000 people in Yemen since 2015. As per the United Nations, a record 22.2 million people in Yemen are in the need of humanitarian aid. More than 8 million of them are threatened by severe hunger. The UN has also highlighted the growing risk of famine and cholera in Yemen citing the catastrophic conditions of Yemeni people.

The war is only getting uglier with time and Yemen is shattered by all means especially the civilians. The war started in 2015 and since destruction has defined the story of Yemen in the best possible manner.

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