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Russia Unveils Lethal Avangard Hypersonic Missile System

Russia is preparing to put it’s latest Avangard Hypersonic Missile System in service as part of attempts to propel Russian national security, the Defense Ministry announced on Thursday. 

“The Russian defence industry has finished producing the Avangard missile system with the mostly new weaponry – the gliding cruise warhead. Industrial enterprises have switched to its serial production,” the Defense Ministry said.

Avangard Missile System

The Avangard glide vehicle cruises at an altitude of dozens of kilometres in the thick layers of the atmosphere. It travels over an intercontinental distance at a hypersonic speed of over Mach 20. 

“As it progresses towards its target, the glide vehicle is competent in performing guided manoeuvres. This makes its flight unpredictable for anti-missile defences and empowers it to evade the areas of operation of their information and weapon systems.

Additionally, the boost-glide vehicle flies along the trajectory below the minimal altitude for interception by anti-missile defense systems. The intercept by short-range missiles is also unlikely, the Defense Ministry said.

The development of new strategic Avangard missile system is aimed at increasing Russia’s defence capacity and deterring any hostility against our country and its allies,” the Defense Ministry emphasized. Deputy Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force for Armament Sergei Poroskun said that the Avangard hypersonic missile system features combat capabilities that “make it possible to reliably breach any anti-missile defences.”

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