US Raises Alarm As Russia Moves Heavy Artillery, Tanks Towards Ukraine Border

Russia is reportedly moving tanks, artillery, and other heavy armored vehicles close to the border with Ukraine, raising fears of an imminent conflict in the region.

The local witnesses reported a strong buildup of the Russian forces, along with their logistics units, which Moscow said was part of a “training exercise”.

However, reports suggest the scale of the military movement is such that it has “disrupted shipments of tractors and other agricultural equipment ahead of the spring harvest season of the farmers”, The Drive reported. The development has left even the US worried that Ukraine and Russia may be headed for a new conflict.

The reports of heavy military equipment being moved to the border on trains and through roads were being reported since March 27 by the locals through video footage and images. According to the military intelligence reports put together by the Pentagon, “some 4,000 heavily armed Russian forces had been observed moving in Crimea,” CNN said, quoting a US defense official.

According to US media reports, top US national security officials were in touch with their Ukrainian counterparts, and the country’s top general called his Ukrainian counterpart on Wednesday amid reports of Russian military buildup near the border with eastern Ukraine. The US had condemned the Russian aggression last week which resulted in the death of four Ukrainian soldiers.

“Russia’s destabilizing actions undermine the de-escalation intentions that had been achieved through [last year’s agreement],” CNN quoted chief Pentagon spokesman John Kirby as saying, on Wednesday. “Additionally, we are aware of Ukrainian military reports concerning Russian troop movements on Ukraine’s borders.”

The US expressed its support to Ukraine amid the threat from Russia, pledging to offer unwavering support to the country’s sovereignty. “Pleased to speak with Dmytro Kuleba today to discuss the United States unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We continue to support Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression in the Donbas and Crimea,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a tweet.

There are also reports of increased Russian aggression on the border with Ukraine with multiple deaths reported last week.

According to the last reports, the US government said it was trying to figure out with Moscow whether it was renewing its offensive in eastern Ukraine with 4,000 troops on the move or simply exercising. “We’ve reached out to Russia to try to gain a little more clarity on what’s going on,” John Kirby told the US media

Although Russia has increased military activity near the Ukrainian border in the past, the situation today is particularly concerning since the ceasefire is about the expire.

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