US Pounded Taliban with 4,300 Bombs in Afghanistan in 2017

Data by the US Air Force revealed that more than 4,300 bombs were pounded on Taliban and on other terrorist groups in Afghanistan. The Taliban remain the biggest threat the US backed forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban along with other terror outfits have been ramping havoc in Afghanistan who are often alleged to be hiding in the border area in and around Pakistan.

According to the US Air Force, the number of airstrikes in 2017 was double than that was carried out in the past two years – 2015 and 2016. The

US Air Force recently has announced that in 2018, they will bring in more fighter-jets to Afghanistan to tackle the Taliban menace and will propel their assistance to the Afghanistan security forces. The Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan by NATO was enhanced after the announcement of Donald Trump’s new policy for South-Asia including Afghanistan, which expanded counter-terrorism efforts against Taliban.

“Airstrikes have gone up considerably in 2017 mainly due to the revised South Asia policy which President Trump has signed and allowed us to go after both the Taliban and ISIS. The rules of engagement have now changed,” Resolute Support Mission (RS) Public Affairs Director said. 


Additionally, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that NATO will send in another 3,000 military officials to train the Afghan forces. Stoltenberg affirmed the international community will not let Afghanistan become a safe heaven for Taliban, ISIS and other insurgents. Afghanistan has taught the world that prevention is better than intervention,” added Stoltenberg.

Afghan Defense Ministry meanwhile stated the Afghan Air Force has modified their approach to airstrikes with a new strategy to eliminate the Taliban and other insurgents.

“We have expanded our defence initiatives and we succeeded to siege a large number of the enemy’s stronghold position, defence supplies and eliminate dreaded insurgents, Defense Ministry deputy spokesman said.