With 2 Major Attacks in Last Week, Afghanistan in a Continuous State of War

The American led NATO forces have been operating in Afghanistan for 17 years, with a possible chance of additional redeployment of NATO forces.  With 2 Major Attacks in Afghanistan recently, there is No sight of peace in Afghanistan. The never-ending attacks in Kabul and the ever-increasing presence of the ISIS, only adds to the war-like situation.

Just within 1 week, Kabul has been attacked by the deadly Taliban, twice. The capital that was once considered to be the safe haven against terrorism seems to have become the epicentre of it. Apart from the Taliban, the ISIL is also raging a war against Afghanistan; killing the innocent and perpetuating a feeling of fear and terror amongst the civilians. Although the terrorist groups have been defeated in Syria and Iraq, the terror in the capital is a blow to the political powers.

Current State of Terror in Afghanistan

The most recent attack at the HQ of ‘Save The Children’, has brought the looming terror to light and indicates that the world’s most terrorising terrorists are gaining more power. Donald Trump has advised the Afghan government to strengthen its security measures, following the incident. Apart from weapons and terrorism, the country is gripped by other evils like heroin abuse by soldiers and a constant upheaval both in and off the war field.

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In the last 1 year, the military of America has been maximising its extent of operations. But looking at the present scenario, the end of the Afghanistan war does not seem near.

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The Future of Terror in Afghanistan

Sadly, everything right now points at a continuous state of war in Afghanistan. From terrorism to the drug financing by Taliban- the country is gripped by numerous evils. With the Afghan government not taking the next step towards peace, the world wonders if this war will ever end. This year commemorates 100 years to the end of the World War I, when will this war end?

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