Has Donald Trump Instilled Fear and Danger Across the World?

Ever since Donald Trump, the President of US, has come into power, there seems to be a sense of uncertainty, anger, danger and fear lurking across the world. The ‘America First’ decree ran cold chills across the spine of the world, but does this mean the danger is now deep-rooted?

Although Donald Trump has spread war like messages and tweeted about very volatile measures, the fact remains that his words have not really had any ‘dangerous’ actions. Trump has not waged any real wars. His words may have waged many verbal discourses and disruptions, he has not actually disrupted anything physically.

Donald Trump and His Victories!

If Donald Trump is trying to be the ruler, he already has some ‘victories’ in his kitty! With the defeat of the Islamic State group in previously volatile places like Syria and Iraq, Trump has proven that he turns words to actions. The terror group may have activated its counterparts in other parts of the world but the very headquarter has been uprooted, making it less threatening. While some may say that ‘Trump finished what Obama started’, one cannot completely deny his role and contributions.

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The Trump Danger

While one one hand Donald Trump is making amendments to the use of nuclear power and wants to impose a permanent restriction on it; on the other hand, this is expected to bring in greater instability around the Middle East region and a further weakening of the transatlantic alliances.

Additionally, while Kim Jong-Un may seem to be more dangerous than Donald Trump after all the nuclear threats he has given to the US, it is actually Trump who has surged the danger by responding to North Korea fiercely and reclusively. He has openly challenged, threatened and insulted the North Korean threats, adding to the sense of danger that already grips the world.

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And if you thought that the US Russia Relations were at their lowest while Obama was in power, the recent Trump-Putin controversies have taken it to an all new level of ‘dangers’!

The Verdict on Donald Trump and his ‘Extreme’ Ways

Donald Trump has always displayed a very volatile, impulsive and reclusive personality; something that does not fit very well with his ‘America First’ commitment. There seems to be an everlasting feeling of chaos and disruption; be it his Tweets, public addresses or the amendments to policies and laws.

The feeling gripping the world is that of uncertainty and volatile unpredictability, more than danger or fear.

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