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Are Indian, Israeli Right Wing Governments Anti-Islam?

What is the biggest factor for growing India-Israel Relations? Why is Pakistan FM accusing the government of India and Israel to be anti-Muslims? Foreign Affairs Minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Asif, on Wednesday, said that the flourishing India-Israel Relations and great bonding between both the governments demonstrated by the takeover of prominent Muslim areas show that the two nations have an Anti-Islam bond.

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Speaking to a private channel Asif said, that Israel has seized a major area in Palestine, while India continues to occupy the Kashmir region despite fierce local resistance. He further added that while Pakistan denied acceptance to Israel due to the persecution of the Palestinians, India on the other hand was involved in the massacre of the innocent Muslim population in the state of Gujarat.

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Praising Pakistan for fighting against terrorism, Khawaja Asif said that Pak’s ‘valiant armed forces’ have recorded success in its tough war against terrorism.

Israeli PM on India-Israel Relations

PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu during a briefing on Tuesday said that the two nations were in talks to strengthen the India-Israel relations and cooperation against the violent extremism that the two nations are facing. Netanyahu is the first Israeli PM to visit India in the last fifteen years. Indian PM Narendra Modi has successfully initiated a medium to strengthen the relations between the two democracies that had for the last fifteen years been distant due to India’s fear of upsetting Arab nations. PM Modi was also the first Indian PM to visit Israel.

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During the briefing Netanyahu said the terrorist activities pose a threat not only to the way of life in the two nations but also against the pursuit for innovation and modernity. According to officials, the two nations have also been secretly cooperating through intelligence sharing to tackle the terrorism threat. Netanyahu confirmed that India and Israel have discussed ways to secure civilian and security areas.

Netanyahu’s First Visit To India To Strengthen India-Israel Relations

During his first ever trip to India as a step to strengthen India-Israel relations, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited Agra and toured the wonder of the world – the Taj Mahal. During the trip, Netanyahu is also expected to visit the Indian state of Gujarat and the city of dreams – Mumbai. 11-year-old Moshe Holtzberg from Israel is also expected to join Netanyahu on the trip to Mumbai, for a memorial event. Holtzberg’s parents were killed during the 2008 attack on Mumbai.

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