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Post the Chemical Attack in Douma, Is Israel Instrumenting a US Attack on Syria?

After the Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria, the Isreal military officials have called for a US attack on the Syrian Army. The Chemical Attack in Douma is said to have killed about 70 people and injured thousands. Will US attack and strike against the Syrian army after the ‘alleged’ chemical attack? 

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 The Strategic Affairs and Minister of Public Security from Israel stated that a US attack on the Syrian army is the military action that needs to be taken right now. He said that this recent chemical attack proves the ‘need’ for a US attack and Washington’s interference against the rising troops in Syria.

Will the US Attack distract the world from Gaza?

Many officials commented on the need for a US attack and asking for military interference against the Syrian troops. However, with the recent killings of Palestinian Protestors in Gaza, by the Israeli Defense Forces, had the world concerned about the situation in Gaza. However, the Israeli officials feel that the world must concentrate on the more important things, like the need for a US attack in Syria, and look in the right direction.

The Defense Minister of Israel stated that international communities were ignoring the ever-increasing human tragedies in the Syrian region, and other regions around the world, and more focused on criticising the actions being taken by the military forces of Israel.

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Is Trump Withdrawing the US Troops?

The Defense Minister went on to speak about the actions being taken by the Israeli forces to control the situation in Syria. He also criticised Donald Trump, the US President, after his recent statement about withdrawing the US forces from Syria. He said that he wasn’t asked for an opinion regarding the matter by the US President.

After the Syrian troops were accused of an alleged chemical attack on Douma, many rebel groups turned against Syria. An outrage has broken after the US and EU blamed the still ‘innocent until proven guilty’ Damascus and Moscow. Russia and Syria have denied the allegations calling them ‘fake’ propaganda.

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