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A Dangerous Cold War is Brewing between US, Russia and China – A Three Edged Sword!

The 20th-Century cold war was grave but the current cold war between the US, against Russia and China is touted to be far more dangerous. While the US continues to be the world’s No.1 in Military Power and Economic Powerhouse, this cold war with Russia and China could shake things up.

The US enjoys a global dominance with its well equipped, financially capable and highly advanced strategies and military. However, Russia challenges the US in Europe and the Middle East and China challenges the global leader in East Asia. Both Russia and China also challenge the power of the US in South and Central Asia. This is what has been termed as the ‘triangular cold war’.

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US Declares end of terrorism; but is it the beginning of a cold war?

The US Pentagon declared the war against global terrorism is finally reaching an end. However, the US also believes that this is the time to show Russia and China its military prowess as the time for ‘inter-state strategic competition’ is now here. The Pentagon states, as reported in Dawn:

“the US-dominated global order today is challenged not by Al Qaeda and ISIS but by the aggressive behaviour of China and Russia”.

The military forces in the US are now committed to conquering the geopolitical cold war against China and Russia exerting power over Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Commander of Centcom commented on the issue saying that a major part of this strategy included the Chinese operated Gwadar port in Pakistan that gives China a platform to exert force and military influence.

US Has Been Preparing for This Cold War

Considering the onset of this cold war, many recent actions of the US seem like preparation for it. The presence in Afghanistan, concerns with the CPEC and BRI, actions against nuclear weapons and terrorism and including India within its strategy- all of these look like a preparation for the cold war.

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The US is aiming at isolating Russia by ensuring it is unable to build influence in Afghanistan, it withdraws from Syria and Ukraine, breaks bilateral ties with Turkey and Iran and also create a rift in strategic ties with China. Although, financially Russia may not be the strongest, the country has a strong military and political power. Russia has advanced weaponry, like the Sarmat 2 missiles that are far superior for the US to intercept and a first-strike ability. The US also claims to have similar nuclear power. This power and cold war situation between the two nations makes this an extremely dangerous situation.

Russia and China on the Same Side of the Cold War

While Russia and China may not share the strongest alliances, a cold war with the US brings then together. The American cold war with Russia and a trade war with China makes the two stand together against the US.

As stated in the Dawn,

America’s response is to rely on its military supremacy to compensate for its woeful diplomatic and economic strategies.

Are US-India alliances working against the cold war?

With the US pitted against Pakistan, the alliances between India and the US will only become stronger. India may slowly withdraw its strategic ties with Russia and continue to remain neutral with China. China, on the other hand, will allow this position to India if Pakistan’s dysfunctional economy continues to remain the same. India would also expect military and advanced technology form the US to be able to take on China, eventually. Thus, Pakistan could face serious implications if this cold war grows full-fledged.

However, these growing cold war implications are not the only concerns for Pakistan. With a failing economy, negative environmental changes, lack of security and education, weakening credibility and capacity at an international level and failing systems are some of the many concerns that grip Pakistan apart from this rising cold war.

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