Despite US Army Presence, Afghan Taliban Still Control 44% of Afghanistan

Despite the presence of US Army in Afghanistan, Afghan Taliban still controls around 44% of Afghanistan. SIGAR (Special Investigator General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) reported that the Afghanistan government controls 229 of 407 districts in the country, despite counterinsurgency operations by US Army and Afganistan Forces.

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According to SIGAR, the Afghan Taliban continues to maintain a steady control over almost half of Afghanistan, despite continued efforts by the US Army to force the Taliban out of Afghanistan. According to the SIGAR, the Afghan government controls 229 of Afghanistan’s 407 districts, while the Afghan Taliban controls 59 districts. The remaining 119 districts  are contested (but not under the control of Afghanistan Government)

Alarmingly High Percentage of Taliban Affected Areas in Afghanistan: BBC

The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) reported in February that the security scenario in Afghanistan continues to be highly precarious as the battle between Afghanistan Government and the Afghan Taliban created havoc across the nation. The UN reported 23,744 security incidents during 2017, the most ever registered. Violent armed attacks remained the biggest cause of security disturbances (around 63% incidents), followed by IED attacks and air strikes. The eastern and southern regions of Afghanistan continued to endure the highest number of Taliban attacks in 2017, comprising a total of 55%.

Truce in Afghanistan with Taliban?

As reported by EurAsian Times earlier, the Afghan Taliban is ready to negotiate with the US-Backed Government? While efforts were being made to carry out peace talks with the Taliban, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border tensions rose on Sunday with killings of five Pakistan Soldiers in April 2018.

Talk to Taliban to End Terrorism in Afghanistan: Russia

In an astonishing but pleasant turn of events, the Afghan Taliban extended their support to join the peace talks, as announced by a member of the HPC (High Peace Council). However, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border dispute broke out with the Kurram agency as an effort to obstruct the efforts to maintain bilateral relations between the two nations. Will the US-backed Afghanistan Government finally be able to bring the Taliban on negotiating table which will result in long-lasting peace?