Operation Resolute Support – Ukraine To Increase Troops in Afghanistan

Ukraine is set to deploy more troops in Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan War is only getting uglier despite international efforts to establish stability in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan War which aims to eliminate the Taliban has been on for 17 long years. Operation Resolute Support is the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan against Taliban.

According to a Ukrainian official, the presence of Ukrainian troops in Operation Resolute Support led by NATO will increase from 11 to 29. Operation Resolute Support at present has 39 nations as a part of it. Under this mission, the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan is about 15,000.
The Afghanistan War started in 2001. The US invaded Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban and was later joined by other nations. Operation Resolute Support started in 2015 after being formed on December 28, 2014. The present-day commander of this group is an army general from the United States. Operation Resolute Support got an approval from the foreign ministers of NATO member nations in 2014.

What are the objectives of Operation Resolute Support?

Operation Resolute Support aims to provide training, expertise and assistance to the Afghan security forces. This mission is to support the security forces of Afghanistan in their long-fought battle with militant outfits like IS, Taliban and the Haqqani Network. The mission is headquartered in Kabul.
Ukraine along with the US, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia are among the leading contributors to this mission. The United States and the United Kingdom are the only P-5 nations at the United Nations Security Council who are a part of this mission. China, Russia and France are not the member nations in Operation Resolute Support.