India-Pakistan Relations Deteriorated Under PM Narendra Modi: Imran Khan

In the wake of terrible India-Pakistan Relations, Imran Khan slammed the Indian PM Narendra Modi. Imran Khan said that anti-Pakistan policies of Narendra Modi have worsened Indian-Pakistan Ties. He further claimed that Nawaz Sharif, the former Pakistan PM made relentless efforts to improve India-Pakistan relations, but in vain.

Imran Khan further said that the Indian government has adopted an aggressive anti-Pakistan posture. Khan said that the Indian government has assumed this anti-Pakistan stance and blamed the Indian PM for all the atrocities and violence in Kashmir.

Nawaz Sharif made enough efforts: Imran Khan

Imran Khan highlighted the fact that Nawaz Sharif made every possible effort to soothe tensions between India and Pakistan. He said that Nawaz Sharif even went to invite Narendra Modi to his house as a sweet personal gesture. Imran Khan who is contesting the general elections in Pakistan further stated that the BJP government is rather looking to isolate Pakistan.
According to Pakistan Media, Imran Khan is the frontrunner for winning the general elections in Pakistan. General elections will take place in Pakistan on July 25. PTI which is being led by him is likely to come to power in Pakistan. How the new government in Islamabad goes about India-Pakistan relations remains to be seen.

Political Tensions over CPEC in Pakistan

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, The director of the International Crisis Group, Richard Edwood said that the people in the Gwadar region have endured aggressive military actions in the past. He further stated that the people in the region are now worried about the large-scale military presence in Balochistan.

General elections in Pakistan are to be held on July 25. This report of the International Crisis Group will surely make the contesting parties pay attention to this discontent. The International Crisis Group said that tensions might mount in Pakistan over the $62 billion project.

Pakistan and China need to resolve the issues soon as suggested by the report. CPEC is the largest forefront of China’s One Belt and One Road initiative. China for sure does not want any issues to stand in the way of its aspirations. Through the One Belt One Road initiative, China aims to revive the traditional Silk Route and expand its trade.