ISRO’s Launch of “Astronaut Escape Feature” Hailed by Global Media

ISRO’s successful launch of “crew escape program” was hailed by the global community. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is working on a Human Spacecraft Program, where the Astronaut Escape System is a key feature, which enables the crew to exit, in case of a security threat. The human spacecraft program will be another feather in the illustrious cap of the Indian Space Research Organisation. 

The test was conducted Sriharikota on Thursday morning. The test lasted for about 3 minutes and involved the process of aborting the space capsule at launch. This process is being developed to save the astronauts, as this is a necessity for any manned space program. This test was termed by the media as being a major demonstration of the technology.
The Indian Space Research Organisation has already successfully tested the scaled down version of the Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD). As of now the top priority of ISRO is the launch of Chandrayaan, which is scheduled for October.

What is the Indian human spacecraft program?

The ISRO proposed the human spacecraft program to develop and launch a crew of two astronauts into low earth orbit. As of now, there is no time frame set for the human spacecraft program of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

This manned space program is not approved by the government of India at present, and the mission may not take off before 2024. ISRO does not have a human-rated launch vehicle to date and proposed the human spacecraft program in 2007. This mission would require a special budget allowance as the expenditure is estimated to be INR 12,400 crores.

In 2008 India signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia for cooperation in developing human spacecraft programs. The Indian Space Research Organisation has already been granted INR 95 crore to carry a detailed study and feasibility analysis of the human spacecraft program.