India To Witness The Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 on Tuesday, 31st Jan

The Super Blue Blood Moon is here! But what is the Super Blue Blood Moon and why is the world abuzz with excitement? The world is all set to witness a rare phenomenon on Jan 31st, the Super Blue Blood Moon.

The super blue blood moon has been named so as it coincides with a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse. According to the space agency, NASA, the rare celestial event will be witnessed by those in India, Hawaii, Alaska, and the United States.

What exactly is the Super Blue Blood Moon?

By definition, a super moon (14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter) occurs during the coinciding of the moon’s perigee (the nearest point between the Earth and the moon) to the planet. Jan 31, 2018, will also be the second total lunar eclipse in the month of Jan this year making it a ‘blue moon’ with a reddish tinge, hence the name.

The Super Blue Blood Moon for India

The moon in India on Jan 31, 2018, is expected to rise at 4:21 PM IST and set at 9:38 PM IST. The phenomenon of the super blue blood moon will be visible first to the north-eastern states between 4:21 PM and 5:18 PM. For rest of India, the event will take place between 5:18 PM and 6:21 PM IST. For the western coast and Rajasthan on the other hand, the timings are from 6:21 PM and 7:37 PM IST on Wednesday.

The Earthlings are also going to experience a total lunar eclipse tomorrow when the moon will be completely blocked out by the Earth’s shadow. Also known as blood moons, the total lunar eclipse moons have a reddish tinge due to the earth’s atmosphere that allows only red wavelengths to pass through. New Year’s Day this year also witnessed a super moon.

When a full moon occurs two times in a month, then the second full moon is known as a blue moon. Are you excited about this rare and beautiful natural phenomena? Let’s welcome the Super Blue Blood Moon 2018.

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