Qatar Offers USA To Make Permanent Base at Al-Udeid Air Base

Why does Qatar want to make the Al-Udeid Air Base permanent for the USA? The defence minister of Qatar has announced plans to add over 200 more housing units to allow the deployed US troops at the Al-Udeid Air Base to feel at home.

Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah further announced that Qatar is also looking to renovate the naval ports for the deployment of US Navy to the nation. He said the 200 housing units will be built at the Al-Udeid Air Base immediately for the officers and their families, along with a new school for the children in the compound. Attiyah said the Qatar government wants the US troops and their families to be comfortable during their stay in the country and make Al-Udeid Air Base, a home.

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Al-Udeid Air Base to be A Full City, Says Qatar DM

While speaking at an event hosted by Heritage Foundation, Attiyah announced that Qatar has a plan of making Al-Udeid Air Base permanent as it is a ‘full city’ in itself. He said the US Dept of Defense is ‘reluctant’ is use the word permanent for the Al-Udeid air base even though the region is useful in over 80 percent of the refuelling needs. He added that Qatar’s cooperation is essential for conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

Al-Udeid has been a centre of importance for the US air operations in the Middle East since 2003. It further gained importance following the United States’ operations against the Islamic State. The military cooperation between the two nations has continued over the years despite the US President Donald Trump tagging Qatar as a ‘high-level sponsor of terrorism’. Captain Jeff Davis from Pentagon had at the time said that the mission from Al-Udeid Air Base remains intact.

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Speaking of the GCC crisis, Attiyah said Donald Trump is the only person at the moment who can end the crisis for which all he needs to do is make a few phone calls. He added that while Qatar is open to discussions, it should not be expected to give up its sovereignty as they do not accept pre-conditions.

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