China Bigger Threat to US, than Russia – CIA Chief Mike Pompeo

Why is CIA Chief Mike Pompeo concerned about the Chinese influence on the West? CIA Director Mike Pompeo has raised concerns over the Chinese exerting a stealth influence over the West as the Russians. Mike Pompeo said the Chinese had a much ‘bigger footprint’ to do so than the Russians.

Citing examples of efforts at stealing US information, Mike Pompeo said the scale of the two economies must be kept in mind in all considerations. He said the nations could launch a collective mission to combat China’s efforts to increase influence over the West. Pompeo said the efforts at stealing information, infiltrating the schools, government and medical facilities by the Chinese can be seen not only in the United States but also in Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Chinese Have Used Espionage To Steal Info From The US: Mike Pompeo

In an interview with a BBC correspondent Mike Pompeo repeatedly stressed that while the Russian interference in matters of United States has been a long standing debate, the interference of the Chinese is something that needs to be given more focus at the time. He added that more efforts need to be made towards combating the Chinese influence on the West as the Asian nation has a more wide-range ability to show its impact. There have been several allegations that the Chinese nation has stolen intellectual property via a human and cyber attacks to help its own businesses. Mike Pompeo added that the Chinese have also used ways of espionage in order to influence the American companies entering the Chinese market.

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An Attack On American Interests Will Not Be Tolerated: CIA Chief, Mike Pompeo

Speaking on Iranian influence on the Syrian conflict Pompeo said the United States is going to push back the Iranians from every place in every way they can. About the message he wrote to Qasem Soleimani, Pompeo said he was looking to send a clear message that an attack on American, Western, and British interests will be met with an equally strong response. He added that the Iranian missiles fired at Saudi Arabia could be seen as an act of war.

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