Russia Tests Stealth Fighter Jet SU-57 in Syria to Counter F-22 Raptor – Reports

According to recent reports in the US Media, the Russian SU-57 Fighter Jet is making test runs over Syria. Russia’s SU-57 is a stealth fighter plane that has become much awaited ever since it made its maiden flight in December last year. The SU-57 is a single seat and twin-engine stealth fighter that claims to be the most advanced in its league and a counter to American F-22 Raptor

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The Su-57 is touted to be the most advanced military warplane by Russia. Recent reports claim that the stealth fighter has begun its test flight over the war-stricken Syrian region. A video footage that was posted on a social media platform, last Thursday, by political activists in Syria, show 2 brand new Su-57 flying in the skies, along with the Su-35 and Su-25 fighter planes. The video has allegedly been recorded near the Khmeimim Air Base.

SU-57 Vs the F-22 Raptor

The combat plane was developed to overpower the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter planes of the US. The Su-57 is thus also commonly known as the ‘F-22 Killer Plane’. Although neither any official from Russia nor Syria have commented on the video or confirmed the testing phase of the stealth fighter plane, the military analysts were surprised to see the video footage.

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The deputy minister of Russian defence had stated last month that the country was buying the combat fighter plane to add to its combat fleet and that the initial testing phase was completed, to be followed by more test flights and phases.

It is being noted by experts, across the globe, that if the stealth fighter is near completion and soon to be inducted in the combat fleet, it will be a significant move for Russia’s defence and aviation forces. With the intensifying Syrian crisis and a war-like situation between Syria-Iran-Turkey-Russia and US, a new and advanced combat stealth fighter adds to Russia’s existing might.

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