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Moldova to Buy Lethal Arms from NATO; Is History Being Re-Written?

Moldova is slated to buy lethal arms and weaponry from NATO, a first of its kinds move by Moldova in contemporary history. The army in Moldova is expected to correspond to the NATO requirements within the next 3 years. The military troops in Moldova are also expected to participate more actively in the international drills carried out by NATO.

Commenting on the decision to buy arms under NATO standards, the Defense Minister said that this ‘re-arming’ of the troops and military forces has been possible as a result of alliances that Moldova shares with its strategic partner countries. He also stated the funds for buying the weapons under NATO standards has also come in from the US.

Moldova’s Neutral Status and Correspondence with NATO

Moldova has always kept a neutral front and been a non-participant in any military ties. The Director Security Issues stated that Moldova no longer faces threat or seen any neighbouring country as an enemy to use the weapons against, including Russia and Transnistria. He also said that in case of a potential crisis with Transnistria, or in case another country shows military interest, the task would be completed immediately.

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Although the North Atlantic Treaty Org. is not officially taking sides or speaking on behalf of Transnistria and the conflict in the region, there are speculations that Brussels believes Moscow should retract the military troops and arms from the region.

Moldova has complied and cooperated with North Atlantic Treaty Org. since 1994, under an IPAP. Ever since 2009, combined exchange training between Moldova-America has been carried out. Last year, experts from NATO began assisting Moldova to draft and introduce the national defence strategy of the nation. According to reports, NATO and Moldova have come to compatible functional terms.

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