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Su-35s, Ka-52s See ‘Massive Surge’ In Global Demand; Russia Says US Team ‘Naturally Interested’ In Alligators

As Russia attempts to market its weapons to potential customers at the Dubai Air Show, there are claims that the demand for Russian systems like the Su-35 fighters, Ka-52 helicopters, T-90 tanks, and heavy flamethrower systems have recorded a surge in the global arms market after their combat performance in Ukraine.

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Deputy General Director of Rostec, Vladimir Artyakov said, “If we talk about specific samples that have received an increase in demand due to the results of combat use, these are, for example, Su-35 fighters, Ka-52 combat helicopters and controlled means of aviation destruction, T-90 tanks, TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system, Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, Tornado-G and Tornado-S, Kub-E barrage ammunition, air defense and REB systems, UAV control systems, and small arms.”

Artyakov said Russian military hardware has demonstrated its reliability and potency when facing off against contemporary Western adversary hardware in the so-called ‘Special Military Operation’ zone, RIA Novosti reported, citing an interview in Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Artyakov assured that all of Rostec’s partners keep an eye on the application of Russian weaponry in combat, examine the pros and cons, and identify areas for improvement. He explained that Russian industry representatives receive input directly from the special operating zone and collaborate with the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense to arrange meetings between military officials, designers, and engineers.

This is required to find the most minor details to enhance the product and make it easier and more efficient. Despite being crippled by international sanctions that have reportedly had a direct effect on the manufacturing of arms and armaments, the Russian arms industry has continued to market its weapon systems for export at air shows and exhibitions that it has been allowed to participate in.

Addressing the concern regarding the fall in the volume of Russian arms exports, the senior Rostec official refuted the data published by SIPRI. According to new data on global arms transfers released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in March year, the United States share of arms exports rose from 33% to 40%, while Russia’s decreased from 22% to 16% during the 2013-17 and 2018-22 period.

”The portfolio of orders of Rosoboronexport is stable at over four trillion rubles. We are constantly working to expand the geography and range of supplies to friendly countries, promoting products for all types of armed forces and branches of troops. The most promising areas are now considered the air force, air defense, armored vehicles, and small arms,” said Artyakov.

File:Sukhoi Su-35 Super Flanker, Russia - Air Force JP7665544.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Sukhoi Su-35 Super Flanker- Wikimedia Commons

The Su-35 Flanker-E, for one, has been one of the most extensively deployed Russian aircraft in the ongoing war. Alexander Mikheyev, the chairman of Rosoboronexport, earlier told the media, “According to feedback from foreign specialists and experts, the multi-purpose super-maneuverable Su-35 fighter jet is the best aircraft among the fourth and 4++ generation fighters.”

Another platform of the Russian Aerospace Forces extensively deployed in the war against Ukraine is the Ka-52 Alligator helicopter. The Alligator was used to obliterate Ukrainian ground forces and wreaked havoc on the tanks and armored vehicles during the June counteroffensive.

The attack chopper has also aggressively been marketed to foreign buyers, with several countries expressing interest in purchasing.

US Delegation Interested In Ka-52 Helicopter?

Rostec Director General Sergey Chemezov stated that members of the US delegation attending the Dubai Airshow 2023 were naturally curious about Russia’s Ka-52 helicopter.

“It’s not as if military officials will use the show to rip us off. First, it’s not that easy. One would first have to disassemble the helicopter, its systems, equipment, and so on. They [demonstrated] an interest in the helicopter, which is involved in military activities. It proved very effective, and everyone is aware of that,” he said, commenting on the US delegation’s visit and inspection of the helicopter displayed at the airshow.

Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ (via Platform X)

The state-owned Russian arms agency Rosoboronexport unveiled the Ka-52 assault and reconnaissance helicopter and various air-launched weaponry in Dubai. The helicopter was declared the best in its class by international experts.

However, military experts have observed that the Kamov Ka-52 coaxial attack helicopter, the star of Russian Helicopters’ defense lineup, may have lost some of its export potential due to the many losses it sustained during the operation in Ukraine.

The UK Defense Ministry announced in October of 2022 that there had been 23 confirmed losses of the Ka-52 in action in Ukraine, which was equal to 25% of the Russian Air Force’s fleet at the time. Since then, additional losses have been reported.

Four helicopters from Russian Helicopters are also on display. Among them is the Mi-171A3, the latest model of the Mi-8/17 series of twin-engine helicopters designed for commercial use and intended to assist the offshore oil sector.

In addition, Russia is scheduled to make its Ka-32A11M firefighting helicopter public on a global scale. The helicopter can hold four tons of water and is outfitted with the newest home fire extinguishing equipment.

Despite the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and the Western sanctions that followed, the Dubai Airshow 2023 is one of the few international shows that is still open to the Russian aircraft industry.


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