Stunning Stunts! Argentina’s Brand New Presidential Aircraft, ARG 01, Shocks Onlookers With Low-Pass Maneuvers

Argentina received its much-awaited Boeing 757 Presidential VVIP aircraft, which flew from Miami to the Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery airport just two kilometers from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

However, the plane’s delivery was not the most exciting part of this news.

On May 25, the passengers and onlookers at the airport were set in for a one-of-its-kind surprise as they saw a brand-new VVIP-configured Boeing 757-200 make an extremely low pass in a spectacular maneuver, which was executed by the pilots of “ARG 01.”

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The aircraft will be used for transportation by Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández.

Observers in Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery recorded a video of the aircraft performing the maneuver that surfaced on social media shortly after. It has since gone viral, with netizens sharing their bewilderment at the stunning maneuver performed in somewhat rainy weather.

The aircraft executed a missed approach over runway 13, as shown by the multiple low-pass videos that have been going around on social media, before doing an extremely steep left bank. It then made a full round above the Rio de la Plata before finally making a landing.

Since several videos emerged on social media, shot from different angles, they gave an idea of the extremely skillful and smooth low pass carried out by the pilot.

With recordings of low passes at air shows and symbolic occasions of deliveries, like the one recently in Buenos Aires, reports suggest that such a practice is commonplace in Argentina.

The Argentine Air Force’s IA-63 Pampa, Mirage 5P, and C-130 Hercules have all performed daring flybys in the past.

Several years ago, in 2007, another thrilling low pass garnered global attention and made it into the iconic aviation moments of history. On December 12, 2007, a Boeing 737-500 “LV-BEO” owned by Aerolineas Argentinas made a very low flypast accompanied by an IA-63

Pampa jet trainer and a Learjet to commemorate the 100 years of Argentine Civil Aviation. Fortunately, the weather was good at that time.

Earlier, the above video went viral, showing the very low-level flypast by Argentine Air Force IA-63 Pampa in which the aircraft flew very close to the person filming the maneuver. According to some versions, the ultra-low flypast saw the aircraft fly one meter above the ground.

While many airport spectators were undoubtedly pleased to witness the pilots perform the maneuver, others questioned its logic. For example, an airline pilot questioned the necessity of the performance even though the relevant aviation safety authorities and the air traffic control were notified beforehand.

The terrible weather at the airport during the plane’s arrival and subsequent flypast may have raised more serious safety issues, while others mentioned the size of the aircraft and the stunt being performed at the end of a lengthy ferry flight from the US as further causes for concern in addition to the climatic conditions.

However, the overall response to the fly past was more excitement than criticism and caution. Interestingly, the national colors of Argentina and the “Sun of May” symbol were featured on ARG 01’s custom livery.

Argentina’s new presidential plane ARG01

Argentina’s Presidential 757

The new Argentine Presidential aircraft, a VVIP-configured Boeing 757-200 known as the Boeing 757-256 with the registration ARG 01, began its delivery flight to the South American country’s capital on May 17 and landed in Argentina on May 25.

A Boeing 757 in VVIP configuration for presidential travel was successfully sold to the Argentine government in April by C&L Aerospace, a division of C&L Aviation Group. The company says that the VVIP-configured 757-200 has a master suite and two other bedrooms and can accommodate up to 39 passengers.

The existing presidential Boeing 757 was traded in as part of the deal, and the Argentine government also authorized a $25 million loan to fund the purchase over ten years.

Another presidential 757, dubbed “Tango 01,” was delivered to Argentina in the middle of the 1990s. The plane has been grounded for years while repair or replacement options have been discussed. Therefore, introducing “ARG 01” is significant because it raises the standard of executive transport to what it was when Tango 01 ceased operations.

However, political disagreements about presidential luxury aircraft have always existed in Argentina, so not everyone will likely be overjoyed with this ‘new’ 757 arrival.