Study in India Program to Attract 2.5 Lac International Student in India

The Study in India Program is set to get a massive boost from the Indian Government to attract International Students in India. According to global education experts, with Study in India Program, India will become a major recruiter of international students. Under the new strategy, as per THE report, India aims to become a regional hub of affordable education.

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The Study in India Programme strives to propel the number of foreign students from around forty-seven thousand to two hundred thousand in the next five years, by focussing on thirty nations across South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS regions. The eventual aim of re-launching the Study in India Program is to attract more than one million international students to Study in India.

At the moment, none of the Indian Universities features in world’s most prestigious Universities, which means India is decades behind coming close to competing with traditional hubs for international students like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

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While India is working towards enhancing its Universities via an “institutions of eminence” initiative, its international student recruitment strategy with “Study in India Program” is completely different from other global players which vie for hefty monetary gains associated with international student admissions.

Announcing the new Stduy in India Scheme, HRD minister Prakash Javadekar said that “India could become a hub of affordable education for international students”.

The Study in India Program: Govt. Allocated 150cr

The Indian government is planning to allocate an additional fifteen thousand seats across all major universities in India for international students in the 2018-19 academic session, which would ensure that local Indian students will not face any competition.

Additionally, with Study in India Program, top 25% of students would receive a 100% fee waiver, and another 50% would receive a partial waiver of between 25 and 50%, and the cost will “have to be borne by recruiting institution”.

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The Indian government has approved an investment of Rs 150 crores INR for the Study in India Program. The scheme is anticipated to generate substantial revenue and will boost India as the regional hub for international student recruitment, a spot headed by regional rival China at present.