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What is the Latest Trend in Cancer Treatment Suggested by Top Oncologists?

Why are Top Oncologists and Cancer Specialists in Australia linking Exercise to Cancer Treatment? Some of Australia’s leading Cancer Specialists and Oncologists have warned that no exercise prescribed to cancer patients can prove fatal.

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia has launched its position statement on the role of exercise alongside surgery, chemotherapy or radiation in cancer treatment. Exercise has to be an essential component of cancer treatment, according to leading cancer specialists, oncologists and various cancer foundations.

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“Really we are at the stage where the science is telling us that withholding exercise from cancer patients can be harmful,” a statement based on indisputable evidence, said by Prof Cormie.

Nowadays, people who exercise on regular basis experience hardly any or less severe treatment side-effects, cancer-related fatigue and mental distress. As exercise is the best medicine for cancer patients and can be taken in addition according to their standard cancer treatments.

Cormie says patients with a good habit of exercise have a lower risk of their cancer coming back.  If it could be possible to add the effect of exercise in a tablet then every cancer patient worldwide can fight against cancer with that tablet. The exercise tablet would be demanded by every cancer patient, prescribed by every Oncologist and Cancer Specialist, and subsidised by all the Governments.

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Attitude towards cancer treatment and providing people with their best chance of survival has to be changed. Last year a 33-year-old lady was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. And she believes that one reason of her being alive today is the extensive exercise regime she followed while undergoing cancer treatment.

A year later, in remission, she has taken as much exercise as chemotherapy. Cormie says it is recommended to people with cancer, to be physically active according to their current ability and conditions. Recommendations should be made to individuals ability to minimise the risk of complications and maximise the benefits. One should at least give 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise weekly with some resistance exercise like weightlifting to get significant health benefits.

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