Serbia Requests Russia For S-300 PMU-2 Missile Systems

Serbia has requested Russia to supply S-300 PMU-2 missiles by 2021. The news has been confirmed by top military sources as reported by Tass. The source stated that Serbia has placed an official request to obtain a package of S-300 PMU-2 which shall consist of 2 missile battalions and a regimental command post. Russia is at present reviewing the request placed by Serbia. 

In the past S-300 complexes will have been exported to China, Azerbaijan, Iran and Algeria. S-300 PMU-2 is an anti-aircraft missile system which is highly capable of destroying targets within a range of 300 km and a vertical distance of 27 km. In April 2017 the Prime Minister of Serbia, Alexander Vucic had stated that the S-300 complexes were too expensive for Serbia to purchase. Azerbaijan had paid $ 300 million for purchasing two S-300 PMU-2 missile systems.
S-300 PMU-2 is a series of a long-range surface to air missiles produced by Russia. The idea behind the development of S-300 PMU-2 was to defend against cruise missiles and aircraft. It was initially used by the Soviet Air Defence Forces. This missile system is highly capable and fully automated. It is known to be one of the most capable anti-aircraft missile systems which dread the enemy with authority. The S-400 missile system is an advanced and refined version of S-300 PMU-2 missile system.

India to get S-400 from Russia

Meanwhile, India has approved to procure the advanced S-400 missile systems from Russia. India-Russia defence deal of the S-400 air defence systems will take place despite the vehement opposition of it by the US. India will procure five S-400 batteries from Russia for Rs 39,000 crore after the defence ministry cleared the proposal.
After getting approval from the defence ministry the India-Russia defence deal will now go to the finance ministry and then finally for the cabinet committee on security to get the final set of approvals. The Defence Acquisitions Council helmed by the defence minister has approved minor deviations in the S-400 deal with Russia. These deviations were proposed in the recently held commercial negotiations with Russia. India and Russia have defence projects of USD 12 billion in the pipeline.