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Brazil vs Belgium: Will One of Them Lift the the FIFA World Cup 2019?

Why can the quarterfinals between Brazil vs Belgium become one of the most spectacular games in the world cup in Russia? Matches of the 1/8 finals of the world championship ended on July 3. The quarterfinals of the tournament were reduced to the teams of Uruguay vs France (July 6, Nizhny Novgorod), Brazil vs Belgium (July 6, Kazan), Russia vs Croatia (July 7, Sochi), and Sweden vs England (July 7, Samara). 

Belgium vs Brazil at FIFA WC 2018

Belgium the most productive team of the tournament – 12 goals. Both teams lead the tournament in the number of accurate strokes from the game, that is, without the help of standard provisions – angular, free-kick, penalty. The Belgians scored 11 such attacks, and Brazilians scored 7.

The Brazilians in the game with the Mexicans (2: 0), who themselves prefer to attack, an excellent form showed Philippe Coutinho, Willian and Neymar, regularly dangerous connections from the Paulino support zone. It did not confuse the Brazilians and the lack of an important element in the construction of the attack – defender Marcelo, who is also one of the leaders of the team because of a trauma. Even more impressive is the attack, when Gabriel Jesus will begin to realize his moments.

The Belgians in the match with the Japanese (2: 3) played their strength only after they started to lose 0-2 on the 52nd minute, but then literally dared the opponent. The attack, in which such vivid individualities as Romel Lukaku, Eden Azar, Dries Mertens, get along, became even brighter when Kevin de Bruijne was moved above the support zone.

Confused only that the Belgians have not yet had the opportunity to try their hand on stronger teams than the Japanese, because in the group stage their rivals were Tunisians (5-2) and Panamanians (3-0), and England, to some extent (1: 0).

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