India All Set To Buy S-400 Triumf Missile Systems from Russia

After China, India is all set to acquire S-400 Triumf Missile Systems from traditional ally Russia. The S-400 Triumf missile systems are capable of detecting, tracking, and destroying stealth fighters, strategic bombers, missiles, drones, and spy planes at an altitude of 30km and a range of up to 400 km.

The Indian government has started its final communications with the Russian administration over the acquisition of 5 S-400 Triumf air missile systems worth INR 39,000 crore (over USD 5.5 billion). India hopes to sign the deal during the financial year 2018-19, with the expected delivery of the first S-400 SAM (surface-to-air) missile system, and its launchers, radars, and launcher vehicles within two years. The S-400 Triumf comes with an all-terrain transporter-erector-launcher vehicle, a battle-management system of command post and launchers, and acquisition and engagement radars.

All S-400 Triumf Missile Systems To Be Delivered Within 5 Years

A source from the Indian defence ministry said that the 5 S-400 Triumf systems will be delivered within 54 months of signing the contract. The systems, he added, can tackle medium-range ballistic missiles as well as cruise missiles. Meanwhile neighbouring nation China has already started getting the deliveries of six of the S-400 batteries ‘SA-21 Growler’. The deal for the same had been signed with NATO in the year 2014. Some reports, however, claim that some auxiliary components of the missile systems were damaged last week in the storm while being shipped from Russia to China. Russia is also expected to sell its air defence systems to Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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The S-400 Triumf missile systems in India can be deployed for the protection of a city in times of a war or even for neutralising Pak’s Nasr (Hatf-IX) nuclear missiles which the neighbouring nation often claims of as a counter to India strategy of ‘Cold Start’.

S-400 Triumf – The Longest Long-Range Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems

The S-400 Triumf is capable of tracking between 100 to 300 targets at a time via the long-range radars. The systems are also equipped with hypersonic and supersonic missiles that can be used to intercept incoming threats from different ranges. The finalisation of the acquisition deal for the same by India was first reported in the year 2015 following a clearance from the Defence Acquisitions Council. The signing of the agreements for the 5 S-400 systems was then carried out post the meeting of Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin at a summit in October 2016 in Goa along with the agreements for 200 Kamov-226T light helicopters and 4 Grigorivich-class frigates. The cost for the entire agreement was then reported to be around USD 10.5 billion.

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