36,000 People Evacuated from Border, Are India and Pakistan Heading for a War?

After continued wars in the Middle East, is India-Pakistan War on the Cards? A drastic rise in the border tensions between India and Pakistan has led to the Indian government evacuating more than 36,000 people from the border areas. Are India Pakistan Heading for a Limited War? 

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As per Indian government sources, the massive evacuation comes as a response to the soaring tension following heavy shelling from Pakistan that has led to the devastation of buildings, besides the loss of precious lives. SDPO Surinder Choudhary confirmed the news adding that the town of Arnia has been completely evacuated. Choudhary added that over 150 grass sheds/houses have been destroyed in the fire that erupted as a result of heavy shelling by Pakistan armed forces.

Mortar Shelling & Firing Worse Than 1965 & 1971 India Pakistan Wars: Evacuees

Deputy commissioner Rajeev Ranjan said that 58 villages in the Arnia and Suchetgarh regions of Jammu and Kashmir have been moved to deeper into the Indian territory to evade Pakistani shelling. Over 1,000 evacuees have been given shelter in the services set up in schools by the government, while others are reportedly taking refuge with friends and family.

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Over 5,000 cattle have also been evacuated and moved away from the border regions. One of the evacuees reported having lost everything in the desperate attempt to look for safety. He said their animals, which were the main source of income have all perished in the mortar shelling by Pakistan. Another evacuee said that the firing and shelling was worse than the India, Pakistan wars from 1965 and 1971. She said that the Pakistan forces are targeting Arnia (Jammu) specifically.

Is This the Setting for Another India-Pakistan War?

A PTI reporter confirmed having seen two mortar bombs explode in front of his eyes while he was travelling to Kanachak. So far 9 persons have reportedly been killed while 60 others have been injured along the IB and LoC. The LoC runs along the border between India and Pakistan’s territories of Pakistan administered Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. The IB, on the other hand, separates the other parts of the border between India-Pakistan. What seems like a setting for a possible war between India and Pakistan has shown its impact on educational institutions along the border as well that have been shut down for the next two days.

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