Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Keen for Japan-Russia Peace Treaty

Why is Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Keen on Promoting Japan-Russia Treaty: Shinzo Abe-led government in Japan is looking to sign a peace pact with Vladimir Putin led Russian government. The Japanese government hopes to strengthen its multilateral ties with Russia and go on to build cooperative system to tackle issues like the Korean Peninsula. PM Abe confirmed the same during his speech at the Japanese parliament.

Building a relationship with Moscow would open up several opportunities for Japan and its relation with other countries, he said. Abe said that the peace treaty with Russia will be signed on the basis of resolving territorial issues, promoting joint activities for the economy on 4 northern islands, and an 8-point cooperation plan. He further added that Japan would step by step implement each agreement with Moscow.

Shinzo Abe said that the Japanese nation will build a relationship with Russia on numerous global issues, based on a relationship of trust with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. To support his claims, the Japanese PM spoke of the unanimous voting of a resolution in last December by the member nations of the United Nations Security Council.

8-Point Economic Cooperation Plan for Japan-Russia Treaty

The 8-point economic cooperation plan makes the framework for the economic cooperation between Japan-Russia. The same had been proposed by the Japanese PM in May 2016. The eight-point plan includes strengthening the ties between Japan and Russia in small and medium-sized businesses, energy sector, export expansion, and Far East’s industrialization. It further includes an agreement to strengthen cooperation in humanitarian fields, and in technologies, including nuclear power.

Japan and Russia have over the last few years maintained an intense yet regular communication that included the meeting of the leaders of both the nations. The two nations have also consulted over the development of economic cooperation projects on Kuril Islands’ southern region.

The statements made by the PM make it apparent that a peace treaty between Japan-Russia is highly promising for Japan.

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