Russia’s ‘Cutting Edge’ MiG-31 Crashes In Murmansk Region During Training Flight – Defense Ministry

A MiG-31 interceptor fighter jet crashed in a deserted place in Russia’s northern Murmansk region, both pilots ejected, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

“On April 26, during a planned training flight in the Murmansk region, a MiG-31 fighter jet crashed.

The plane crashed in a deserted place. Both pilots ejected. The pilots were promptly evacuated by a helicopter of the search and rescue service, nothing threatens their lives and health,” the ministry said.


MiG-31 Foxhound is a powerful twin-seater, supersonic, interceptor fighter aircraft that has been a tough opponent for Ukraine’s Air Force. Equipped with a range of long-range missiles, the MiG-31 has delivered devastating strikes on Ukrainian positions.

According to a report from the Royal United Services Institute, the MiG-31 aircraft has reportedly shot down numerous Ukrainian warplanes with its powerful Vympel R-37M air-to-air missiles while conducting high-altitude patrols.

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