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The West Toughens Against Saudi Arabia and the Radical Islam Ideology

Ever since President Donald Trump has come to power, he has openly challenged the radical Islam ideology. Besides openly admonishing the Radical Islam ideology, he has asked Islamic leaders to honestly confront the radical elements to fight the menace of terrorism.

Trump believes that it is radical Islam ideology that breeds extremism and Islamic terror groups. Following in the same footsteps, Europe has also raised its voice against extremism and is pushing Saudi Arabia to stop extremism. The government of Belgium has withdrawn a 99 years lease that was given rent-free to Saudi Arabia, stating that it has become a place that breeds and supports extremism.

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Belgium Responds to Radical Islam Ideology

This strong stand by Belgium does not rise for financial needs but as a step towards eliminating radical Islam ideology. According to intelligence reports of 2016, the leased Mosque was bedding extremism and supporting a radical ideology amongst the youth. This was noted as an alarming signal by the Belgian parliament, last year. The rapid increase of Islamist terror in Belgium needs to be dealt with immediately and Belgium government is doing everything possible to stop the extremism and terrorism. Tiny Belgium has believed to raise and send more Syrian Islamic troops to Syria, than any other European country.

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Is Saudi Arabia Finally Eliminating the Radical Islam ideology?

As reported by Reuters, in January SA made a secret agreement with the West to eliminate the radical Islam ideology and stop its support to mosques and schools that bred these extremist ideas, across the globe. SA also shut down the King Fahd Academy in Germany, associated with Al Qaeda, after a lot of pressure.

For years the US and Europe have been powerless against Saudi Arabia and the billions it spent on indoctrinating Sunni Islamic communities, across the globe, breeding radical extremism and spreading terror. The West has been attacked by these terror groups and activists’ multiple times. The textbooks in Saudi Arabia have been found to be one of the beginning foundations of this extreme ideology.

After multiple attempts at breaking away the radical Islam ideology, it seems that the West is finally taking measures and waking up to stringent anti-terror norms. These measures show that the West is finally drawing parallels between radical Islam ideology and terror, and moving towards eliminating it.

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