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Iran-Israel War: Iran Acquires Military Bases in Syria, Surrounds Israel

Has the Iran-Israel war like scenario taking a turn for the worst? With Iran setting up around ten military bases in Syria, and on the border of Israel; is the Middle East headed for the Iran-Israel war? 

Iran has set up around 10 military bases in Syria and some more on the Israel border, training troops in preparation for a possible Iran-Israel war. As reported by The New York Times, over twenty thousand soldiers from different military camps in Iran have been trained by the Iranian military giving Syria greater power and strength in case of an Iran-Israel war.

Iran-Israel War Been Fuelling for Years!

Israel has constantly warned against Iran strengthening its military power in Syria, for many years now. The country has been building air and naval bases in Syria as a defence against Hezbollah and other militant groups. The bases in Syria are also prepared for a possible Iran-Israel war. Last year, satellite photos for Israel confirmed that Iran was building a Syrian military base just a few kilometres off the northern Israel border. However, Iran has continually denied the building and preparation of any such military bases.

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A report confirms that a large number of military personnel from Iran are in Syria, and a large majority of them are Hezbollah members. It is believed that most of this personnel view the war in religious terms. After the successful combatting of the IS terror groups, the focus has now shifted to Israel.  The recent gunning down of the Israeli F-16 by Iran was the first retaliatory move re-flaming the Iran-Israel war scenario. PM Netanyahu said that Israel would continue to protect itself against the activities taking place in Syria. He also said that Israel will not be terrorised by Iran and will defend itself. So is Israel also ready for an Iran-Israel war?

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