Pakistan Media Blames India, Afghanistan For Kabul Gurdwara Bombings Which Killed 28 People

The recent Gurdwara attack in Afghanistan capital – Kabul killed 28 innocent people, most worshippers. The ISIS claimed responsibility for the Kabul Gurdwara attacks, but media reports in India blamed Pakistani for the attacks.

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According to leading Indian media house – HindustanTimes, quoting their sources, the Kabul Gurdwara attack was ordered by Quetta Shura of Taliban at the direction of Pakistan with the larger motive of completely ousting India from Afghanistan.

As reported emerged, one of the attackers was an Indian origin man –  Abu Khalid al-Hindi who hailed from Trikaripur town of Kasargod district in Kerala. There were reports that there were several men from the South Indian state of Kerala who had joined the ISIS.

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According to Pakistani defence experts talking to The Express Tribune, the presence of Indian ISIS recruits in Afghanistan and the timing of the attack hints at that the Indian agencies may be conspiring with Ashraf Ghani’s government to sabotage the US-Taliban deal.

Maj Gen (retd) Inamul Haque said the genesis of ISIS in Afghanistan a ‘mystery’. “It is very hard to figure out their motive and endgame is,” he explained. “It is uncertain who the real mastermind behind the group is. It almost seems as if the terror organization was implanted into Afghanistan.”

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According to Haque – “The ISIS first emerged in Afghanistan in 2014. At the time the US rejected it as a breakaway group of the Pakistani Taliban due to the group’s inadequate operational capability.” “Then there were the Orbaki militias, which were CIA-raised groups that operate outside the authority of the Afghan government.”

“Islamic State in Khorasan (ISIK), which took responsibility for the Kabul gurdwara attack, is now considered to have a 3,000-strong force mainly in Eastern Afghanistan. Its militia is believed to comprise both locals Afghan and foreigner fighters,” he added.

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The Pakistani analysts believed that – “The only group which is still very active in Afghanistan under the ISIS banner is ISIK, which mainly comprises fighters from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).” He claimed ISIK is directly sponsored and controlled by India under the consent of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

Speaking about the Kabul gurdwara attack, Pakistani analysts believed it had double objectives. “On one hand, it is a clear attempt to derail the peace efforts in the country between. Those who choreographed the Kabul Gurdwara attack wanted to blame the Afghan Taliban or the Haqqani network,” he said.

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“On the other, the attack could also have been an attempt to develop apprehensions among the Sikh community towards Pakistan.” “Pakistan has always had good relations with the Sikh community globally, but the Kartarpur Corridor has generated a lot more goodwill for the country among the community recently. India, meanwhile, has always been sceptical of Sikhs travelling to Pakistan and wanted to sabotage that relationship.