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Is India Inviting War with Pakistan By Stirring The Balochistan Pot?

Can Delhi’s support for Balochistan trigger India-Pakistan War? Citing human rights violations in Balochistan, India once again stirred the pot of conflicts with Pakistan. The spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, Raveesh Kumar stated on Thursday that Pakistan must respect its minorities. Expressing India’s stance on Balochistan the official stated that Pakistan must put an end to state-sponsored repression in Balochistan. 

The Indian official urged Pakistan to refrain from inflicting grave human rights violations in Balochistan and follow the international obligations. The MEA official stated that India maintains its position on the issue of Balochistan and wants Pakistan to comply with international human rights obligations.

India has always objected the interference of Pakistan into the Kashmir issue. But is India making the same mistake by interfering in what goes around in Balochistan? Is India inviting trouble by peeping into the internal matters of Pakistan? The new Prime Minister, Imran Khan will assume office on August 14th and the further state of India-Pakistan relations still remains to be seen.

Pakistan has carried out large-scale human rights violations in the restricted province of Balochistan. Pakistan has tried to suppress any voices which rose against the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the actions of the Pakistani army. But Pakistan has taken strong objections to India’s mention of Balochistan time and again. Recently the opening of an office of the ‘Free Balochistan’ in New Delhi sparked a major spat between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan has taken the Kashmir issue to the international forum several times but when it comes to Balochistan, Pakistan wants to cite internal matters. While India keeps pulling up Pakistan on the issue of human rights violations in Balochistan, Pakistan does not get tired of accusing India of carrying human rights atrocities in Kashmir. Even Imran Khan in his first public address after the election results stirred the Kashmir pot and infuriated India.

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