Pakistan Could Cede Parts Of Kashmir To China Over Unpaid CPEC Debts: Analysts

China is reportedly pressurizing strategic-ally Pakistan to repay the loans Islamabad has taken under CPEC project and there appears to be a possibility that Pakistan could end up ceding some parts of the country to China, including Kashmir. 

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According to an analyst talking to a regional paper in Jammu and Kashmir  – “Everyone is aware of the fact that China is eyeing Pakistan. Pakistan owes billions of dollars to China and if it Islamabad fails to repay the loans, Pakistan will be left with no other option but to cede some territory to Beijing.”

The analyst talking to ETimes said that but China should bear in mind that India is not Pakistan and should stop playing dirty games with us. “China once again made an attempt to raise Kashmir at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). But it failed. It was for the third time since August 5, 2019, China has tried to discuss Kashmir at UNSC,” he added.

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“China seems to be playing a double game. On one hand, it wants India to give an assurance about not escalating the tensions in the region, on the other, it’s trying to backstab us by trying to involve the international community in India’s internal matter.”

He said that when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited India last year and met PM Narendra Modi, there was no mention of Kashmir in the joint statement.

It’s in place to mention here that after Xi Jinping’s India visit, China has made two attempts to raise Kashmir at UNSC. Prior to these attempts, China had made one attempt soon after August 5, when the New Delhi abolished the contentious Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

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Another analyst said, “China’s double standards stand exposed. Their claims that China wants to improve its ties with India are hoax. China is dancing to the tunes of Pakistan and is leaving no opportunity to support the country which has emerged as the breeding ground for terrorists. There is every possibility about Pakistan being put into the FATF blacklist for not taking appropriate action against the terrorists operating from its soil. And China won’t be able to come for its rescue.”

An observer said that by supporting Pakistan, China too has been reprimanded by the global community as the UNSC member countries during the closed-door meeting earlier this week made it clear that the UNSC is not the forum where Kashmir can be discussed.”

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Soon after China failed in its attempt, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued a blunt statement asked China to refrain from indulging in such tactics.