Afghan Taliban Ready to Negotiate Amid Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Fighting

Why is the Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Tense and is the Afghan Taliban Really Ready to Negotiate with the US-Backed Government? While efforts were being made to carry out peace talks with the Taliban, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border tensions rose on Sunday with killings of five Pakistan Soldiers. Will the current Pakistan-Afghanistan border tensions disrupt the ongoing peace process?

Pakistan Asserting Force and Pressure on Taliban for Peace Negotiations

In an unexpected but pleasant turn of events, the Afghan Taliban extended their support to join the peace talks, as announced by a member of the HPC (High Peace Council). However, the Pakistan-Afghanistan border dispute broke out with the Kurram agency as an effort to disrupt the efforts to maintain bilateral ties between the two nations. However, both nations stepped up to make all efforts to maintain the Pakistan-Afghanistan border ties.

Taliban Agrees to Peace Talks Amidst Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Tensions

The HPC stated that Afghan Taliban had ‘somehow’ agreed to join the peace talks and that the council was ‘cautiously’ positive about it. A senior member stated, as reported in TOLO News:

“Inner pressure, as well as internal, regional and foreign support will finally push the Taliban to say yes to intra-Afghan talks. As per our information, discussions are ongoing among them (Taliban) and probably there might be some problems, but we are hopeful (about this process)”

Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Fencing

The proposal to fence the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Chaman is slated to begin soon. Leaders of both nations have agreed to take all required measures to maintain the relations between the two countries, with the safety of the civilians at the border regions as the main priority. As reported in The Tribune, both nations are committed to:

“effective actions against fugitives and the irreconcilable elements posing security threats to either of the two countries”

Additionally, cementing the Pakistan-Afghanistan border ties, both nations have decided to deny any nation, group, individual or network to use their territory for terror activities, and avoid aerial or territorial breaches on each other’s national territories.

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