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India-China Relations Improving After Delhi Acknowledges Beijing’s Might: China

India-China Relations have started to improve with the collective effort by both New Delhi and Beijing. Despite few hiccups in Doklam and Maldives, It seems that India-China Relations are set to blossom, according to Chinese Run State Media. Can India and China who are competing for global influence be friends?

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India-China Relations: Now and Then

Many Indian media organizations and pundits believe that the BJP led Modi Government had lost path regarding China. Following a misinterpretation of Beijing’s development and the international clout, the Indian government adopted to confront China which consequently weakened India’s own interest.

The turn in India-China Relations came due to joint efforts of both the nations. The political agreement with Indian high-ranking officials at the BRICS summit in Xiamen steered the India-China Relations towards the development of bilateral ties. Since then, several Chinese top diplomats have visited India on various occasions to dissipate any doubts and establish trust and build rapport.

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Prominent Indian Diplomat, Vijay Keshav Gokhale visited China soon after being appointed as India’s foreign secretary; a full explanation that India attaches great significance to its ties with China. Gokhale’s visit symbolized that New Delhi is determined in readjusting its China policy and getting over the past confrontations.

Maintaining harmony and peace at the border is crucial to smooth India-China Relations. The India-China border dispute is a leftover from history, which cannot be solved immediately. That the Doklam standoff was harmoniously managed via diplomatic channels which accentuated the maturity of both New Delhi and Beijing.

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The rise of China provides a great opportunity for India, which seeks massive investments in various sectors. China’s GDP is almost five times that of India, so both the nations have different levels of economic development. India, in the present scenario, can hardly exert any significant leverage against China. The key priority for India should be to develop great India-China Relations so that New Delhi can accomplish its dream of national development. Both India and China hold comparable opinions on globalization, global governance, free trade and climate change, and the confluence of both the nations will only strengthen relations. The Asian century will not come until China and India join hands, concluded the paper.

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