New US Embassy or Military Base in Moldova, Asks Critics?

The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova approved a draft resolution the transfer of Republican Stadium to the US for construction of a new embassy building in Chisinau. The total area of the embassy is staggering 5.1814 hectares in the middle of the city, which has been questioned by critics.

The United States expressed its intention to acquire the land of the former stadium in late December 2017. Subsequently, the Moldovan government and the US signed a memorandum on the acquisition of the property for the construction of a new diplomatic mission building.

“We have been looking for a plot for the construction of a new embassy for almost 10 years. In the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau, we have been there for more than 25 years, it’s time to reflect our good relations with Moldova and build a new embassy, “said US Ambassador to Moldova, James Pettit.

According to the diplomat, the need for bigger embassy arose due to the fact that the official staff of the US in Moldova has increased. “At present, many mission employees are working for different offices, but now they want to come under one roof.”

Pettit believes that the construction of a new embassy in the place of the Republican Stadium will be in the interests of the citizens of Moldova. Earlier, former Moldovan President Igor Dodon criticized this initiative. The former head of state expressed amazement at why the embassy needed as many as five hectares in the center of the capital.

“On five hectares of land, you can even establish a military base. So, why do they need 5 hectares in the center of Chisinau? asked Dodon. 

The Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers will assess the cost of the territory, to negotiate the amount of the transaction for the purchase and sale of the site. The final decision on this matter is to be taken by the parliament.