India-Nepal Review Bilateral Projects at Strategic Meet in Kathmandu

India-Nepal relations and the bilateral projects between the two nations were reviewed on Wednesday during the meeting of the India-Nepal Oversight Mechanism. The 6th meeting of the India-Nepal Oversight Mechanism was held in Kathmandu during which bilateral economic and development cooperations were discussed by both the sides. The meeting also addressed all the hindrances faced by joint projects between India and Nepal in terms of implementation.

The discussions emphasized the early completion of all the economic and development projects signed between India and Nepal. Measures to be taken by both the governments to fast-track project implementation and early completion were elaborately discussed between the two sides.

The projects between the two nations include cross-border railway projects, integrated check posts, Terai roads, cross-border transmission lines and the Arun-III hydropower project. All of these projects were reviewed in terms of progress and implementation. Indian Ambassador to Nepal and the Foreign Secretary of Nepal co-chaired the meeting.

This was the first review procedure meeting after reciprocal meetings by Indian Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Nepal. Both nations are keen to complete bilateral projects before time. This meeting may soon be followed up by another meeting of the Oversight Mechanism on a mutually convenient date.

Nepal expects the first India-Nepal broad gauge railway project by December. Describing the good state of India-Nepal relations, this rail link will connect Janakpur in South Eastern Nepal and Jayanagar in India. This project will be the first ever broad-gauge passenger railway service in Nepal. This rail link between India and Nepal is a 69km cross-border railway link.

Besides this cross-border railway link between India and Nepal, five more railway projects linking the two nations are either in the planning phase or under construction. According to Global Times, a senior official of Department of Railway said that Nepal targets to make the rail route operational by December.

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