Foundation of Modi Government Rattled as Regional Forces Gain Power and Unify

The Modi Government has always put forward an ‘undefeatable’ stance. But the recent increase in discontent against the Modi government point at the fragmenting of the ‘all-powerful’ force. The public and regional forces are starting to voice out and stand against the Modi government making it clear that it is definitely not invincible. This article was a featured by Hong Kong based English Daily Asia Times.

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Last Friday, the rattling of Modi government became even more prominent after the YSR Congress party, from Andhra Pradesh, stood against the Modi-led government and bred in a feeling of no confidence in the current state of affairs. While most people believed that the Modi government was invincible and no other party could aim for the similar numbers, but the notion has somewhat shaken up.

Modi Government – The Beginning of the Downfall?

The 2014 elections placed BJP in a commanding position with a victory of 282 seats out of the 543, in the Lok Sabha. The number is already down to 274. While the BJP still enjoys the majority (with the TDP party filing a no-confidence motion), it seems that the BJP allies are slowly quitting their support. While the figures may still point at Modi Government standing victorious but the sense of being invincible has certainly drained out. Not just the TDP, Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena has also made an announcement to stand independently in the coming elections further reducing the number of allies of the Modi Government.

 Once the presence of rebels within the BJP is factored in, it becomes clear that the government is a lot less solid than it might seem.

Are Regional Leaders Asserting Power Over the Modi Government?

The very foundation of the BJP has been uprooted with regional leaders and parties standing up against it and asserting their own power. Recently the once all-powerful BJP faced defeat at the by-elections in UP and Bihar.

The electoral map of India reveals that strong regional forces have a more than fighting chance at securing a majority of seats a Parliament.

This show of power can also be seen with regional parties uniting to overthrow the rule of national parties in their region. This unifying strategy by regional parties also casts some doubts over the success of the Modi Government in the next elections. Even if the current ruling party does stand victorious, the fact that the number of allies and seats have significantly dropped, which speak a lot about the power that it was, and now is.

Although there is a whole year before the elections and the BJP may be able to pave a way for itself, with the current crumbling scenario, the year does not seem very long. A second term for the Modi government seems to be full of challenges.

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