Is India Pakistan War on Cards After Indian Minister Threatens to Invade Pakistan

Even a mention of India Pakistan War send shivers down the spine. But is India Pakistan War Really on the Cards, since both of them are Nuclear Armed? Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh attacked Pakistan for fostering terrorism and threatened that India will not hold back its security forces to protect the country’s territory.

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Tensions between both India and Pakistan have been simmering, especially under the Modi government, as both nations are fighting a proxy way over the control of the Jammu and Kashmir. Indian Home Minister said, “We will not only secure India internally but can also cross-border, if needed, to protect the nation.”

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Heavy exchanges of shelling have increased over the disputed border over the past year with both nations blaming each other for being responsible. India has been actively working to declare Hafiz Saeed as a Global Terrorist and has blamed Pakistan for giving the dreaded terrorist a “political legitimacy”.

“Kashmir was with India, Kashmir is with India, and it will always remain an integral part of india: Indian Home Minister

Tensions between India and Pakistan further soured after five members of a family in Indian Jammu and Kashmir were killed in a cross-border shelling. The five people died of injuries after a shell fired by the Pakistani soldiers hit their home in Poonch region along the Line of Control which separates the Jammu and Kashmir region between the two nuclear-armed nations, said the police department. The dead included five members of a family which included three children, while two sisters were critically injured.

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Even on the diplomatic front, India and Pakistan are trying to resolve a bitter row. Islamabad recalled its high commissioner to Delhi for “consultations” amid a row between the neighbours about the alleged harassment of each country’s diplomats and their families. The confrontation comes amid heightened diplomatic tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad, as both nations have criticized each other for harassing their diplomatic staff in their respective countries.

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