MBA Placements: 4 Steps to get Excellent Placements after MBA/PGDM

MBA Placement is a major worry for student and placement managers across the country. Have you completed or about to complete your PGDM/MBA program? Are you concerned about your final MBA Placements? Are you uncertain which organisations will you get placed in and what would be your eventual remuneration? EurAsian Times experts share four vital tips which will ensure you start with excellent remunerations after your MBA / PGDM program.

1. MBA Placements through Networking

One of the main reasons why the IIM’s have the best placements in India is due to their excellent network and association in the corporate world. Eventually, it all boils down to how many recruiters and decision makers you know, and how many people are ready to vouch for your calibre. The more people you know in the corporate world, more chances you have of getting a good job.

So Networking is most important for MBA Placements, as recruiters hate filtering through heaps of resumes, and the first place they explore to fill a position is usually within their own network. You could use your college alumni, faculty members, relatives, personal associations for finding a right job.

You could also connect online with potential recruiters and professionals who have visited as guest faculty in your college for networking and MBA Placements. Having a strong network, references, or associates in professional sites like LinkedIn greatly improves your chances of getting a job after MBA.

2. Strong Online Presence for Excellent Placements

Having an impressive CV is very important, but what is also important is your online profile. Using the internet as a platform for brand imaging, you need to showcase that you are smart, intelligent, diligent by using content and social media as your weapon.

You could review a book or movie, you could share your analysis on the latest government policy, or you could even share a recipe for cooking. Let the recruiters know about your hobbies, projects you have been working, while subtly demonstrate your talent and professional accomplishments to the world. Share your best MBA project online, make a presentation and share it on Slide Share, get people to write a review about your accomplishments on professional sites like LinkedIn etc.

3. Live Projects for Great MBA Placements

Internships and Live Projects offer invaluable experience while you’re still in a college and studying. Besides summer internships, it is very important that students should take up live projects, online work, or other opportunities to get some work experience. MBA students must ensure that they work seriously in their internships and ensure they impress the recruiters with their hard work, dedication, commitment and intelligence.

For excellent MBA Placements, don’t be too rigid about a particular career path or specialisation. You will study all subjects in the first year, but ensure that from the second year, all your projects, internships, live projects, dissertation are in the domain of your specialization. Remember, corporate world does not appreciate a jack of all the trades, they only appreciate a master, and that is what you should aim to be.

4. Brand Value of B-School for Excellent Placements after MBA

If you have not been able to crack the leading business schools in India, don’t worry, all is not lost! Even if you join a Tier-2 or Tier-2 Business Schools, you must ensure that for excellent MBA Placements, you must directly or indirectly associate with a brand of prestige and repute. You could either do a live projects with organisations like Amazon or Flipkart; you could do your summer internship with leading brands like KPMG, Deloitte etc; you could even do an exchange program with a leading international University like London School of Economics or National University of Singapore; or you could even apply for a certificate program with the prestigious institutions like the IIM’s and IIT’s.

The aim of this activity is to get an impressive brand (be that of a corporate or a top University) on your CV, which will help you in getting shortlisted for an interview much quicker. If you are looking for great MBA Placements, you must ensure that your goals are clearly defined and rigorously follow the above steps for great MBA Placements.

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