Now Why is Kazakhstan Angry and Accusing Russia?

Why is Kazakhstan Accusing Russia and Kyrgyzstan? Recently, the quality of food products supplied to Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan and Russia has deteriorated. This was stated by the head of the Committee on Public Health Protection of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, Zhandarbek Bekshin.

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“There is a tendency for the deterioration of Kyrgyz products. If last year 4% of products did not meet, then this year – about 10%, that is, the quality and safety of Kyrgyz products deteriorated two and a half times, “Bekshin said. He recalled that previously more than 1,500 types of products from Kyrgyzstan before joining the EEA each year were declared and certified, but later the situation changed. According to the results of 2016, according to the chief medical officer, the number of certified products fell to 242 positions, and in the ten months of this year – only 126.

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“That is, the declaring of products was reduced 12 times. This indicates that there is a shaft of “gray” smuggling. For example, in October, the products of sausage manufacturer RIKHA, milk products of Ak-Sut, Emily cheese and confectionery Kulikovsky were put under a ban, the head of the Public Health Protection Committee of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan informed. He said that research conducted in October showed that 23.4% of food products and 44% of light industry goods from Kyrgyzstan do not correspond to the indicators of technical regulations.

At the same time, Bekshin noted that most of the goods with poor characteristics in the Kazakhstan market are represented by manufacturers from the Russian Federation. “As you know, out of the total volume of 52% of inappropriate products are products from the Russian Federation. The second place for non-compliance is the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Naturally, the Russian Federation has an incommensurably higher volume of supplied products and, naturally, higher (number) of negative “finds”, – Bekshin said.

Tense Relations Between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

As reported by the media, relations between Astana and Bishkek, since September, have deteriorated sharply. Kyrgyzstan accused the neighboring republic of interfering in the election process, in response, Kazakhstan stepped up control at the border with Kyrgyzstan, which provoked traffic jams at key checkpoints.

Both republics are looking for new reasons to hurt each other – Kyrgyzstan has banned the import and use of unenriched flour from Kazakhstan. On October 27, Bishkek accused Astana of lying and violating the principles of cooperation of the EAEC.

As it becomes clear from the recent statements of Astana, now against the background of a continuing conflict with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan has also had claims against Russian commodity producers.