Lebanon PM Saad Hariri Blames Iran for Mayhem in Middle East

Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that what-ever happened with him during the three weeks he stayed in Saudi Arabia would be reserved for himself, adding that he did not want to discuss what happened to him during that period.

This came during an interview with the French television channel on Monday, in which Hariri explained that he wanted (through the announcement of the resignation from Riyadh), send “a positive shock” to the Lebanese people, emphasizing that this decision was taken voluntarily by him, and not under pressure from Saudi Arabia.

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Hariri also confirmed that he will resign if you do not accept Hezbollah to change the current situation of the country, and said that the government balance may change based on future consultations and that he will be ready for early elections.

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The Lebanese PM accused Hezbollah and Iran of meddling in the affairs of all Arab countries, stressing that Lebanon can not solve the issue of Hezbollah by itself because Hezbollah is based in many countries including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and everywhere, with the support of Iran.

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Hariri said he wanted to remain in office, but that was dependent on ongoing consultations on Hezbollah’s involvement in regional wars and conflicts. He explained that if Hezbollah and its successor agreed to the equation, then “I will definitely remain” as prime minister. If they refuse, then “I will leave” the post”.