Pakistan Accuses India Of Using Chemical Weapons in Kashmir

The PM of PaK accused India of using Chemical Weapons in the Indian administered Kashmir. The Kashmir dispute between India-Pakistan has been escalating and with the rise in the number of ceasefire violations and terror attacks, the situation is becoming more and more serious. Will India resort to using chemical weapons in Kashmir? Is the accusation by PM of Pakistan administered Kashmir true?

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PM of Pakistan administered Kashmir stated that evidence had been found against Indian troops using chemical weapons in the Kashmir region. These statements were made during the All Parties Hurriyat Conference, held in Pakistan. As reported in The Tribune, he stated:

“We demand an independent investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians in Indian-held Kashmir and gross violation of human rights of Kashmiri people by Indian forces”

Earlier in 1999, Pakistan has accused India of firing chemical shells in its campaign to uproot suspected infiltrators from positions on the Indian side of the line of control in Kashmir. India, who is a signatory of the Chemical Weapons Convention had vehemently denied the accusations. Pakistan that time was unable to produce any proof of its allegation but demanded an independent enquiry by the experts.

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The PM of Pakistan administered Kashmir went on to pay tribute to former Kashmiri leaders talking about the grit and determination shown by these leaders for justice and peace. He stated that the situation in the region and the current state being experienced by the locals is a ‘struggle for freedom’. He went on to speak about the oppressive measures being used by India against the Kashmiris and the use of chemical weapons being the last straw.

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He swore that the PaK government will liberate Kashmir and utilise every required resource for the struggle. Other priority matters for the PaK Government include the issues faced by refugees in the occupied regions of Kashmir and their freedom movement and complete support to the liberation struggle of the Kashmiris.

The PaK PM also accused Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, for using Kashmir as a means to increase his vote bank. This statement came after a television interview after he visited the Line of Control. He blamed the Modi-led BJP party of using politically motivated tools to create a ‘jingoistic frenzy’ in the disputed region.

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