India Slams Pakistan For Raising Kashmir Issue At UNSC

India-Pakistan relations have often found a stumbling block in the Kashmir issue. The Kashmir dispute has kept India and Pakistan at loggerheads since 1947. Pakistan once again raised the Kashmir issue in the United Nations which drew a sharp response from the Indian diplomats.

Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s ambassador raised the Kashmir issue during a debate in the UN Security Council on Mediation and Settlement of Disputes. Her mention of Kashmir backfired as India was quick to respond.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN slammed Pakistan for making unwarranted references about an integral part of India and also called the Pakistani delegation isolated. He further added that Peaceful settlements require a peaceful intent. He also stated that Pakistan is regurgitating a failed approach on Kashmir which has been largely rejected and is not reflective of the peaceful intent.

Pakistan Cited UN Resolutions On Kashmir

This is not the first time that Pakistan has dragged the Kashmir issue to the United Nations. In each attempt to do so, Pakistan has always been left red-faced in front of the international community. During the argument presented by the Pakistani side, Pakistan cited several resolutions of the United Nations Security Council on Kashmir and argued that India has not obliged any of them. The Pakistani delegation also mentioned various mechanisms undertaken by the UNSC towards resolving the Kashmir issue including the U.N Commission on India and Pakistan.

High Hopes From Imran Khan: Indian Diplomats

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Syed Akbaruddin also said that will indulge in constructive dialogues to resolve issues. He said that India has high hopes from the new government under Imran Khan for contributing to the safety, stability, security and development of the South Asian Region. India also hopes that Pakistan will work towards eliminating terror and violence in the region and promote peace.

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